sensations tandem

About sensations tandem

octobre/novembre et mars/avril

Period: October-November and March-April.

Adepts thrills, this formula is for those who like to have the head upside down, and yes we can put a paraglide between us and the land, but not with anyone!

olivier fritz Ex-world champion of acrobatics and free style, and damien hac, the rare tandem pilot of the world to offer this experience: tandem flight paragliding acrobatic

Morocco air games offers this exclusive service in Morocco, equipped with high-end equipment and safely you will discover the wing-over, reversals, stall, helicopter and loops.

The duration is between 10 and 15 minutes that you will never forget.

the price is: 1800 dhs / 180 € .TTC without the video.


Attention: the weight of the passenger for this service is limited to 85 kg